TV Blockchain is focus on the core issue of blockchain industry: Scaling, and intend to solve it by consensus innovation and distributed database cloud platform.

The consensus of TV Blockchain is SPoS(Supernode PoS), which is based on supernode, supporting thousands of TPS, a high-performance, stable and secure blockchain fundamental,a next-generation DAO architecture.

TV Blockchain is capable of support High-Concurrency, Efficient-Index Blockchain data scene, and can support high-scale dapps orient to social, enterprises, and individuals.

The core of SPoS consensus mechanism, based on the cold minting technology, enables Supernode as a minting pool in the minting economy. Supernodes generate blocks to obtain rewards by receiving coin leased from TV coin holders. Unlike consensuses such as PoW, PoS, DPoS and so on, Supernodes in the SPoS system could be completely decentralized, and could therefore build a decent ecosystem where Supernodes and coin holders co-exist in harmony.

Supernodes has a fixed sequence to release block, making the block generating with high efficiency and stable block intervals, which can also incent the participation of community and result in a more decentralized deployment.Supposing 15 Supernodes in the beginning as designed, the system keeps generating a block every 4 seconds, and each block produces 2 TV coins. So the total generation is 43200 TV coins every day. So each Supernode will generate 2880 TV coins every day, and all Supernodes are the same.

Coin holders could lease their TV coins to any Supernode candidates through the leasing function of TV wallet (the TV coins are still in the holder's wallet at this time, supported by the cold minting technology of SPoS). As a minting pool, the Supernode starts to mint TV coins using leased coins and generates blocks to obtain coin rewards. The obtained rewards will be proportionally distributed to TV coin holders according to leased number and time of TV coins.

TV COLD WALLET and HOT WALLET are both provided to keep and lease TV coins. The key feature of wallet including coin transfer, coin collection, coin leasing and cancel leasing. Multiply address account is also supported. The COLD WALLET can be monitored and can be used to sign transactions.

Viewing the Development of TV Blockchain