Committed to developing public chains outside the existing blockchain


  • Graphene Technology
  • Encrypted distributed storage
  • Smart contract
  • Multi-application function
  • The graphene technology specifically means the titanium chain (Ti-Chain) adjust the proof of workload (POW) consensus mechanism of the BTC and ETH, and uses the consensus mechanism of the Deloitte Proof Of Stake (DPOS).

  • For the convenience to the users, The titanium chain (Ti-Chain) provides a distributed caching system to access to the distributed storage system and local data buffer to reduce network pressure.

  • Smart contracts in the Ti-chain allow for credible transactions that are traceable and irreversible without a third party.

  • Ti-Chain development will focus on deepening the encrypted distributed storage, at the same time, applying in more commercial projects, including the electronic medical records system, e-degree system, electronic contract system, different levels of encrypted communication system.



Ti-Chain will create a reliable business ecosystem for investors, companies and regulators. Investors can consult the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow analysis and other financial documents on the Ti-Chain; the company can use the Ti-Chain to publish the company's documents, such as the white paper, budget, code development, management structure, financial statements, etc., making investors to access. In the future versions, documents can be checked through smart contracts.


  1. Jun,2017 Foundation of Ti-chain
  2. Jul,2017 Wallet 1.0
  3. Aug,2017 Apgrading of wallet
  4. Sept,2017 Tchat APP online
  5. Oct,2017 Landing of Ti-chain wine
  6. Nov,2017 Ti-Value product traceability officially launched
  7. Mar,2018 Ti-Chain foundation was formally established
  8. May,2018 Ti-Chain team reached an in-depth cooperation with QTBC to become token on its platform